Vol 1 No 1 (2017): اثر تقلبات اسعار النفط العالمية على معدلات النمو الاقتصادي في العراق خلال الفترة (2005-2016) دراسة تحليلية

Kovan Tamar Ghazi
Dept. of Statistics / Zakho University , IRaq, Kurdistan Region 


          The Iraqi economy is classified as a one-sided economy on which it mainly depends on the revenues of oil exports that made it directly influences on reducing or raising the oil prices, consequently, it has an impact on Gross Domestic Product. The study aims to identify the impact of global oil price variations on GDP and the trade balance in Iraq. Besides, the study confirms that the oil sector is one of the most important components of GDP and the largest contributor to the economic growth Process, where the proportion of contribution is (42.8%) in the composition of GDP during the study period. In addition, the study is concluded in its analytical side, there is a relationship between the oil prices’ changes and the economic growth in Iraq. Therefore, the recommendation of the research is to follow the procedures to address the impact of oil prices, so it was a mandatory for the Iraqi government to diversify the sources of profits and interest in raising the other economic sectors’ efficiency as well as trying to increase investment expenditures to raise the rate of economic growth.

Keywords: (Crude oil prices, oil markets, GDP).

Published: 2018-12-16

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